Professional background

Professor Siow Ming Lee (Prof. Lee) is Professor of Medical Oncology at University College London (UCL), and Consultant Medical Oncologist at University College London Hospitals (UCLH).

He graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, University of London in 1982, trained in internal medicine at the London teaching hospitals of St Mary’s, St Bartholomew’s and King’s College hospitals before completing his medical oncology fellowship training at Guy’s Hospital, London and Christie Hospital, Manchester.

He was awarded the Martin John Turner scholarship prize by his medical school, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) UpJohn Award in 1993, McElwain Prize by The Association of Cancer Physician (ACP) for outstanding cancer research in 1994 and a PhD degree by University of Manchester in 1994.

Professor Lee is an internationally renowned authority on lung cancer treatment and research. He has designed and led several randomised NCRI lung cancer trials in the United Kingdom over the past two decades which have changed practice and improved treatment outcomes for lung cancer patients. His group established the routine use of gemcitabine/carboplatin chemotherapy to treat lung cancer, quoted in several cancer treatment guidelines.

His innovative trials with thalidomide as a cancer weapon and the smart drug erlotinib to treat poor performance lung cancer patients received widespread publicity including BBC ten O’clock news at launch. His research has also helped identify and validate prognostic and predictive markers for lung cancer outcomes. His ET trial was the first prospective biomarker chemotherapy trial with ERCC1 to select lung cancer patients for doublet chemotherapy and demonstrated that platinum is superior to non-platinum chemotherapy and should remain the standard of care.

His latest trials examine the role of atezolizumab (IPSOS) to treat poor performance non-small cell lung cancer and hydroxychloroquine (Study 15) for small cell lung cancer. His team was also part of the international FLAURA and KEYNOTE-189 Investigators that recently established osimertinib and chemotherapy-pembrolizumab combo as first-line therapy to treat EGFR mutant and wild-type lung cancer respectively. His trials have been recognised at major international conferences with many invited presidential, plenary and oral presentations at World Lung Cancer Conference, ASCO and ESMO and have resulted in several 1st or senior author publications in high impact journals. His lung cancer research contribution was part of the successful application by UCLH/UCL in 2006 to become one of the country’s NIHR BRC centres, and by UCL Cancer Institute to become a Cancer Research UK Centre in 2009 and a Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence in 2014. His practice-changing trials and 4* high impact research publications were used for the REF 2014 exercise which ranked UCL top for research in UK.

Professor Lee has also contributed to several practice-changing papers for other types of cancer (as first or last author) including:

  • First-in-human discovery in 1991 of the inactivation and regeneration of the first human DNA repair protein (MGMT/ATase) following chemotherapy and that its expression is highly heterogeneous in human cancer cells, which led to the new treatment strategy of blocking proteins involved in tumour DNA repair with small molecule inhibitors
  • Established 5-day dosing schedule of temozolomide as the standard chemotherapy treatment to treat high grade brain glioma including GBM, based on his previous discovery in 1994 that its anticancer activity is due to cumulative inactivation of the resistance MGMT DNA repair protein
  • Established the routine use of G-CSF after stem-cell transplantation in 1998 because of faster haematological recovery and shorter hospital stay
  • His dataset on advanced Hodgkin lymphoma contributed to the International Hodgkin Prognostic Score, after his group conducted the first analysis in 1997 to show that it is not possible to identify a poor risk group to warrant stem-cell transplantation after standard chemotherapy.

He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers, abstracts and book chapters, many as first or senior author in several high-impact journals including Cancer Research, JCO, JNCI, Lancet, Lancet Oncology, Nature, NEJM & Science.

Professor Lee currently chairs the London Lung Cancer Group, which has a longstanding international research reputation and is clinical lead of the thoracic medical oncology unit at UCLH. He, with Professors Boshoff & Swanton, oversaw the strategic link with Manchester which resulted in the successful application by UCL Cancer Institute, and Manchester to become the first and only Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence in 2014.

He was previously a chairperson for the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) lung cancer advanced disease subgroup, NCRI brain new-agents clinical subgroup and previous committee member of CTACC, NCRI Lung, NCRI Brain and NCRI lymphoma groups.

He sits on several national and international executive cancer committees, and is Cancers 2015 & 2018 special issue editor for non-small cell lung cancer, manuscripts peer reviewer for many research journals, a grant reviewer for several cancer research organisations, scientific expert reviewer for many cancer research leadership awards and professorial appointments, member of a number of international cancer societies & expert advisor for NIHR HTA on CT lung cancer screening programme, NIHR HSRIC, NICE, MHRA & CHM Oncology and Haematology EAG on new cancer drugs.



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