Professional background

Professor Stephanie Baldeweg is a consultant physician in diabetes and endocrinology at UCLH and honorary professor in the Department of Medicine at UCL. She graduated from Humboldt University, Berlin in 1990 and undertook her specialist training in London. She was awarded the MD for the thesis on “Insulin resistance and endothelial function in health and type 2 diabetes”.

Professor Baldeweg is the clinical lead of the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology. She is committed to a holistic approach to patient care and to ensuring that patients have a good understanding all of the options available to them for their management. She and her team look after patients with diabetes and all endocrinological conditions working across specialties with strong collaborations with surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and gynaecologists. Professor Baldeweg has a strong clinical and academic interest in pituitary disease. She is the endocrine lead for the POEMS service.

Professor Baldeweg is a keen educator. She leads the local faculty group at UCLH and has regular teaching commitments for the UCL undergraduate students. She regularly lectures at national and international meetings as well as patient days for support groups such as Diabetes UK and the Pituitary Foundation.

She was made a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in March 2009 (FRCPI) and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London) in June 2009 (FRCP).

Aside from her clinical, educational and research duties, Professor Baldeweg has also held a number of external roles. These include: Chair of the Society for Endocrinology, Clinical Committee, Member of the SfE Public Engagement Committee, Associate Academic Dean at Health Education England, Associate Director for Higher Specialties Training, UCL Partners and Training programme Director for Diabetes & Endocrinology North/ Central London.

Professor Baldeweg is the Chair of the Clinical Committee, Society for Endocrinology. She is a Trustee of The Pituitary Foundation.

Research interests

Professor Baldeweg is interested in all aspects of diabetes and endocrinology. She has a special clinical and research interest in pituitary disease. Her other interests include diabetes, thyroid and reproductive as well as osteoporosis, weight management and cardiovascular risk reduction. She also has an interest in pregnancy preparation for women with diabetes and endocrine disease.

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