Professional background

Dr Sarah Ciechanowicz studied medicine at the University of Oxford where she also completed an MA in physiological sciences. She trained in anaesthesia in the North Central London School, and has continued as a consultant at UCLH after a clinical research fellowship in obstetric anaesthesia. Her sub-speciality interests include major cancer surgery, obstetric anaesthesia and enhanced recovery. She achieved the Dean’s prize for a postgraduate master’s degree in biomedical research at Imperial College, where she continues working on her MD(Res) in postpartum pain, in collaboration with Stanford, USA.

Research interests

Dr Ciechanowicz has an interest in postpartum pain, particularly the development of chronic pain after delivery. She has previously completed in vitro and ex vivo work on the effects of anaesthesia on cancer cell growth and inflammation profiles after traumatic brain injury. During her clinical research fellowship she developed an obstetric quality of recovery scoring tool, which has now been adopted internationally for clinical and research use.


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