Professional background

Dr Subhabrata Mitra is a consultant in neonatal medicine working within the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing at UCLH. He studied medicine in University of Calcutta, India and completed his postgraduation in paediatrics there. He subsequently completed further paediatric and neonatal training in Bristol, Cambridge and UCLH. He has an interest in perinatal brain injury and subsequent neurodevelopmental outcome.

He completed a PhD at University College London in the Institute for Women’s Health investigating the role of broadband near infrared spectroscopy measured cytochrome c oxidase in neonatal encephalopathy and neonatal seizures. He is now leading the clinical neurosciences research programme in UCLH and supported by a Welcome Trust Fellowship.

He works closely with a team of engineers, physicists and basic scientists. His aim is to develop early biomarkers of outcome following perinatal brain injury using advanced neuromonitoring and neuroimaging technologies, and identification of seizure induced changes in neonatal brain in real time to improve seizure detection tools and management strategy.


Research interests

Perinatal brain injury, neonatal seizures, neonatal encephalopathy, neonatal neuromonitoring and neuroimaging, neurodevelopmental outcome

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