Publish date: 29 September 2022

The UCLH Huntington’s Disease (HD) service is a nationally recognised centre of excellence for families affected by HD. Our world expert, multi-professional service is made up of neurologist’s, neuropsychiatrist’s and nurses. We aim to provide support and advice to manage HD symptoms and maximise quality of life throughout the trajectory of the disease by supporting primary and community professionals.

Advice and Guidance
We have a (nurse led) Advice and Guidance service (A&G) on e-RS to provide support to GPs with diagnosis, management and guidance on appropriate referrals

  • Medication and medical management queries
  • Need for / usefulness of genetic tests and discussion of results
  • General advice and guidance about the optimal management of a patient who has a change in his condition/symptoms that can’t be contributed to infection/ delirium/ constipation
  • Psychosocial interventions
  • Nursing home outreach/ support

This service is provided alongside the HD outpatient services at Queen Square in London. Referrals will be made directly to this service where appropriate.

Please note, we are not an acute/ emergency service and cannot provide prompt face to face assessment or inpatient neurology or neuropsychiatric care.

Prior to contacting A&G service please ensure there is no other reason for possible deterioration in condition/ symptoms, eg. Infection (chest/ UTI), constipation, delirium or pain.

How to find us on e-R​​​S
Specialty: Neurology
Clinic Type: Parkinsons/Movement Disorders, Not Otherwise Specified
Organisation/Location: National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery-Queen Square
Service name: Huntington’s Disease Multidisciplinary Clinic –Department of Neurogenetics– NHNN-UCLH-RRV