Publish date: 12 July 2023

On Tuesday 18 July, we are expanding the type of results that will be shared with patients on a time delay through our patient portal MyCare UCLH. Depending on the type of result, this will happen either 24 hours or three weeks after a test has been finalised and reported. 

Releasing more results on a time delay will improve patient safety as it will reduce the risk of missed results and support better management of long-term conditions. This will bring UCLH into line with most GP online accounts for patients and other Epic trusts, such as GOSH. Currently patients can access blood tests done at UCLH the next day, but the number of results available will increase including most imaging reports on a three week delay after the radiologist signs them off.

The MyCare patient portal will direct patients to our Patient information page about test results for details and patients should continue to contact their clinical teams at UCLH if they have any specific questions. In addition, patients can direct any technical questions regarding MyCare to the MyCare Helpdesk at

When it is inappropriate to release a result to a patient, UCLH clinicians will still be able to stop results from being released automatically or retract those results that have been released. There will still be many types of tests that will not automatically release to patients such as dynamic function tests or polysomnography. Clinicians can still choose to manually release these to patients. 

Link to Patient information page about test results