Publish date: 11 March 2021

Photos by Local Territory

UCLH has formed a partnership with the Business Design Centre in Islington to deliver a second COVID-19 large scale vaccination centre. This follows on from the successful launch of a vaccination centre at The Francis Crick institute in January. The Business Design Centre vaccination centre is launching this week and will initially be open to invited patients in cohorts as per the JCVI guidelines.   

UCLH director of strategy Laura Churchward said: “We are delighted that the large scale vaccine centre at Islington’s Business Design Centre is opening and I would like to thank everyone involved in setting it up. I would also like to encourage everyone who is invited to have a vaccine to take it up. Being vaccinated is the best protection against coronavirus.”  

Business Design Centre, Chief Executive Dominic Jones comments: “We were absolutely delighted that our offer to donate venue space at the Business Design Centre was welcomed by the government and NHS. Playing our part in the national effort to support the vaccination programme is of vital importance in the country’s recovery and that we can lend our expertise in facilitating this was similarly received by our team and clients alike. We look forward to welcoming those attending for their vaccinations in the coming months and to continuing to support the great work that the NHS staff and their volunteers are doing at this time, which brings us closer to reopening businesses and to what we love most, holding events that bring people together.”  

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