Publish date: 04 November 2022

Warning alert

We are no longer accepting referrals to the OnWArd service at the Brandon Centre. Please email if you need to get in touch.

The Outreach service for the Wellbeing of Adolescents (OnWArd) at the Brandon Centre caters for young people (13-18 years) living or studying in Camden and Islington with physical health symptoms and other issues with their mental health and social situation. We aim to reach young people who struggle to access secondary health care. The service is run out of the Brandon Centre, a Kentish Town based charity.

At their appointment in the Brandon Centre they will meet a paediatrician with an adolescent interest, a psychotherapist and a youth worker for assessment. Their onward care could be delivered by our physiotherapist, occupational therapist, councillor and nurse specialist. We will liaise with schools and other professionals involved and attempt to provide holistic and joined up care helping young people understand and self manage their physical and mental health problems. As we are UCLH based we have direct access to all UCLH services.

A typical case study:

A 15 year old young woman was frequently attending the Emergency Department with abdominal pain. Her investigations were normal but her pain persisted. At the Brandon the holistic assessment revealed very poor sleep, mainly as she was sharing a one bedroom flat with her ill parents and autistic brother. She received sleep advice from our occupational therapist, support from the youth councillor and we strongly advocated for the family to be rehoused. She is now pain free, sleeping and achieved excellent GCSE results.

We accept referrals via GPs, schools and social care - Please get in touch!